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The Day Today is a spoof current affairs program presented by Christopher Morris as Chris Morris. It was a TV adaptation of radio series On the Hour.


The Day Today was devised to parody the over-dramatic and self-important nature of current affairs programming during the 1990s. The show was divided into several segments, each presented by a different character, interspersed with general news reports. These special segments include:

  • News reports from Barbara Wintergreen of fictional American broadcaster CBN, often focussing on a series of serial killers all named "Chapman Baxter"
  • Speak Your Brains, a vox populi segment where Chris Morris interviews members of the public regarding vague and surreal topics
  • Sport (sometimes Sports Desk), presented by Alan Partridge, where Alan demonstrates little understanding of the topics he is covering and his general ineptitude, and frequently swoons over women
  • Vague political cartoons presented physically by political cartoonist Brant
  • The Weather (under various titles such as "Metcast", "Weathernews" and "Foreclimate"), hosted by Sylvester Stuart, who appears exclusively as a floating head
  • Enviromation, an environmental affairs segment presented by Rosy May
  • Business with Collaterlie Sisters, in which economic affairs are presented frenetically and incomprehensibly, featuring bizarre monetary analogies and diagrams such as the "currency cat" and "currency kidney"
  • The Pool (A Day in the Life of a Swimming Pool), a fly-on-the-wall documentary series about St. Lamb's Pool in Acton
  • Travel news with Valerie Sinatra
  • Clips from The Bureau, a sitcom about a 24-hour bureau-de-change
  • Tomorrow's Headlines, in which absurd newpaper headlines are read by Chris Morris at the end of each episode in the style of Newsnight


# Title First brooadcast
1 Main News Attack 19th January 1994
2 Big Report 26th January 1994
3 Meganews 2nd February 1994
4 Stretchcast 9th February 1994
5 Magnifevent 16th Feburary 1994
6 Newsatrolysis 23rd February 1994

Episode titles were only visible on pre-broadcast trails.



Main Cast - Steve Coogan, Rebecca Front, Doon MacKichan, Patrick Marber, Christopher Morris, David Schneider, with the voice of Michael Alexander St. John

Supporting Cast - Jean Ainslie, Bill Bailey, Ian Barritt, Peter Baynham, Philip Bretherton, Andrew Burt, Minnie Driver, Frederic Foederer, Carl Forgione, Ian Gelder, Daniel Gilmore, Tony HaaseArmando Iannucci, Ian Kerrigan, Graham Linehan, Christopher Luscombe, Lindsey MacRae, Ian Peck, Robert Putt, Garry Roost, Michael Snelders, Crispin Somerville, Alan Stocks, John Thomson, Patience Tomlinson, Harry Towb, Darren Trendel, Albert Welling, Margery Withers, Sarah Wynter


Written and devised by -  Armando Iannucci and Christopher Morris

Written with - Peter Baynham and The Cast

Additional material by - Andrew Glover, Graham Linehan, Arthur Mathews, David Quantick, Steven Wells

Music by - Jonathan Whitehead and Christopher Morris

Production Co-ordinator - Samantha Taylor

Production Runner - Naomi Ellwood

Production Assistants - Rebecca Havers, Sue Bayles

Costume - Marcia Stanton, Lindsey McLean

Make-up and Hair Designer - Lisa Cavelli-Green

Production Accountants - Penny Anderson, Louise Mutter

Casting - Kate Day, Rebecca Howard

Vision Mixers - Naomi Neufield, Paul Wheeler

Location Manager - Chris Wheeldon

Sound - Peter Ball, Stuart Bruce, Mike Heald

Camera - Ian Hilton, Graham K. Smith, Ron Tufnell

Studio Lighting - Mike Sutcliffe

Audio Post Production - Nigel Heath, Mathew Knights, Julian Slater

Programme Associates - Nick Canner, Susie Gautier-Smith

Film Researcher - Roobert Katz

Graphics - Richard Norley, Russel Hilliard

Production Deisgner - Dennis DeGroot, Jo Sutherland

Production Buyer - Terry Black

On-Line Editors - James Thomas, Perry Widdowson

Off-Line Editors - David Fairhead, Steve Gandolfi

Production Manager - Alison MacPhail

Executive Producer - Peter Fincham

Co-Producer - Christopher Morris Director - Andrew Gillman

Producer - Armando Iannucci

Additional credits

Helicpoter Pilot (Main News Attack): Alan Davis

Shepherd (Main News Attack): Charles Ralph

Horses by (Big Report) - Will Self

Thrift Funnel (Meganews) - George Clinton

Danny Baker (Stretchcast) - Hazel O'Connor

Carpets (Magnifevent) - Bono

Maps (Newsatrolysis) - Faye Dunaway


  • Episode 6 (Newsatrolysis) is sometimes referred to as Factgasm, although the latter, made-up term is only used by the narrator to describe the episode in the pre-broadcast trail.