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Radio Norwich logo (1997)

Radio Norwich was a radio station based in Norwich (at Radio Norwich studios), where Alan Partridge worked as a DJ until 2009, when he moved to North Norfolk Digital.


Alan Partridge joined the station in the late 1980s as a sports reporter, and quickly became the station's "Mr. Sport". Partridge resigned in 1990 after joining BBC Radio 4, but upon descovering that he was only required on a weekly basis for On the Hour, he quickly "unresigned".


Radio Norwich broadcast several shows throughout the day, including:

  • Scoutabout with Peter Flint, later Alan Partridge
  • Up With the Partridge with Alan Partridge (04:30 - 07:00)
  • The Breakfast Show with Dave Clifton (07:00 onwards)
  • Norfolk Nights with Alan Partridge
  • Nightclub with Dave Clifton (until 04:00)