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Norwich is the the capital of Norfolk and the childhood home of Alan Partridge. The TV series of Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge was filmed here, at Anglia Studios.


Partridge had a great deal of affection for Norwich,  frequently making it out to be more dynamic and exciting than it actually is, and choosing to live in or around the city throughout his life. Alan "[loved] to jog around Norwich", particularly around the stone cloisters of Norwich Cathedral. He also enjoyed rambling around the countryside around Norwich and Swaffham.

Alan had a "speical arrangement" with the Tandy Norwich branch, who let him in after closure. He said that "it's at times like these, simply browsing amoung electrical goods at Tandy's, that I know who I truly am... I'm Alan Partridge".

The majority of Alan's radio jobs have been closely tied to this city, including Radio Smile at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Radio Norwich, and North Norfolk Digital, which was based in Norwich.


  • After the bombing of Dresden, Norwich became the city with the lagrest number of pre-reformation churches in Europe