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Nomad, or Alan Partridge: Nomad, was the second book featuring Alan Partridge, published in 2016. It was writted by Rob Gibbons, Neil Gibbons and Steve Coogan.


"Using over ten percent of all the words in the Oxford English Dictionary, Nomad charts one man's attempt to recreate a deeply personal journey made by his father some forty years ago. Donning his boots, his windcheater and a high-end Arabian scarf bought in John Lewis only days before they announced a sale, Partridge sets off from his childhood hoome in Norwich to walk 160 miles in The Footsteps of His Father(TM). His destination? Dungeness Nuclear Power Station on the Kent coast, a place that held a special significance for the man he simply called "Papa". Through witty vignettes, heavy essays and nod-inducing pieces of widsom, Alan Partridge will shine a light on the nooks of the nation and the crannies of himself."​​​​​​

- Orion Books