Lynn Anne Benfield (born in either 1946 or 1947) is Alan Partridge's personal assistant. Despite her dedicated, efficient and often demeaning work, Alan almost always treats Lynn with disdain and a total lack of care, and pays her a paltry salary. At first this was £7,000 a year, later £8,000, and was eventually raised to £9,500 after her boyfriend Gordon threatened Alan. Lynn is a staunch Christian of the Baptist denomination and takes the Bible and its teachings very seriously. She has a timid but well-meaning and friendly personality, but harbours certain outdated concepts and strong opinions, namely homophobia and a tinge of xenophobia when discussing the ethnicity of Jesus Christ.

Lynn cared for her critically ill mother, who was described as a racist by Alan, until she died, having to change her sheets every day.

Alan describes her on several occasions as being like a mouse or a badger; this is justified through her behaviour and physical appearance respectively. She is often passive and quiet when Alan is either telling her off or saying something completely misguided and when she does take a stand with Alan she is frequently shot down by his skewed reasoning and banal putdowns. However, Lynn is likeable and easy to converse with when Alan is absent; she gets on well with the Irish television executives whom Alan offends, and is clearly well-liked by the employees of the Linton Travel Tavern.

Lynn is seen to be very prudish with language, sex and non-Baptist activities or beliefs, but comes across overall as an agreeable and pragmatic woman with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of patience and tact. She is probably the only person that Alan has been close to in his life for longer than a few months or years, and the only person that Alan is able to control and manipulate.