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Knowing Me, Knowing Yule, or Knowing Me, Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge, is the 1995 Christmas special of spoof TV chat show Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridgehosted by Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge.


Alan Partridge hosts a Yuletide special edition of his chat show from a mock-up of his living room. After introducing the guests, Alan sits down with new BBC Chief Commissioning Editor Tony Hayers and asks repeatedly for a second series of Knowing Me, Knowing YouRover salesman Mike Taylor arrives dressed as Father Christmas, and he and Partridge have a protacted discussion about the specifications of the Rover Vitesse Fastback to advertise the model. Alan plays a video entitled "Christmas in Norwich with Alan Partridge", where he describes his life in his home city. Hayers discusses the ethics of product placement, considering it a "severe breach of contract" as "Father Christmas" gifts him a toy Rover. Partridge invites golfing couple Gordon and Liz Heron to what appears to be a mock-up drawing room for a classic chat show segment, then introduces the "biggest Christmas cracker in the world", built by White City Pyrotechnics, containing a kidney dialysis machine bound for Norwich Children's Hospital. When the Royal Plymouth Sea Cadets attempt to pull the cracker, it catches fire, rendering the "largest Christmas cracker" record unbroken. Alan reveals that the dialysis machine has to be sent back to the suppliers, then performs a rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas with the abandoned Christmas cracker prop still in the middle of the set. With two turle doves suspended in the air above the cracker, he cancels the musical number. On-set entertainer/chef Fanny Thomas instructs Partridge to stuff a roast turkey whilst making a series of relentless innuendos. Gordon makes fun of him, and, in retaliation, Alan punches him and Tony in the face with the turkey still on his hand. Hayers proclaims to Partridge: "I'm going to make sure you never, never work on television again".


Much like its parent show, Knowing Me, Knowing Yule was a chat show with a roster of guests. Unlike Knowing Me, Knowing You, this special episode also included additional segments, such as the VT section and the impromptu "breakfast bar chat", as well as additional locations in the studio, such as the kitchen and the drawing room seen in the Gordon and Liz Heron interview.



  • Alan Partridge - Steve Coogan
  • Mary - Rebecca Front
  • Peter Willis - Kevin Eldon
  • Tony Hayers - David Schneider
  • Liz Heron - Doon MacKichan
  • Gordon Heron - Patrick Marber
  • Glenn Ponder - Steve Brown
  • Mick Hucknall - Himself
  • Andy - Tom Binns
  • Mike Taylor - Carl Forgione
  • Alun - Alan Francis


  • Musical Director - Steve Brown
  • Choreographer - Jo Robley Dixon
  • Written by - Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci, Patrick Marber
  • Producer - Armando Iannucci
  • Director - Dominic Brigstocke
  • Head of Production - Sally Debonnaire
  • Executive Producer - Peter Fincham
  • Production Manager - Alison McPhail
  • Casting Director - Susie Gautier-Smith
  • Production Assistant - Pamela Wylde
  • Production Accountant - Penny Anderson
  • Producer's Assistant - Samantha Taylor
  • Production Team - Jim Imber, Darrin Nightingale
  • Stage Manager - Jane Denholm
  • Floor Manager - Mike Morgan
  • Production Designer - Dennis de Groot
  • Art Director - Jo Sutherland
  • Production Buyer - Terry Black
  • Props Master - Peter Hallam
  • Stand by Props - Paul Stamp
  • Special Effects - Steve Webster
  • Scenehand - Brain Bassett
  • Costume Designer - Marcia Stanton
  • Costume Assistant - Inca Bayer
  • Make-up/Hair Design - Lisa Cavalli-Green
  • Camera Supervisor - Chas Watts
  • Vision Mixer - Paul Wheeler
  • Cameras - Ray Gearing, Alison Chapman, Mark Jerome, Ron Green
  • Crane Operators - Jim Sloss, Tony Newman
  • Camera Assistants - Angie Thomas, Harriet Sheard
  • Lighting Director - Mike Sutcliffe
  • Vision Control - Andy Newton
  • Console Operator - Paul Barlow
  • VT Operators - Bryan Wall, Andrew Denyer
  • Chargehand Electrician - George Hammond
  • Electricians - Clive Sait, Bob Thornton
  • Location Camera - Steve Albins
  • Location Camera Assistant - Crispin Kyle
  • Location Sound - Doug Urquhart
  • Location Electrician - Nick Collier
  • Sound Supervisor - Chas Braithwaite
  • Sound Mixer - Dave Evans
  • Sound Crew - Phil Coleman, Ron Newton, Mick Beauchamp, Jim Noble
  • Dubbing Mixer - Tim Alban
  • Offline Editors - Nick Arthurs, Adam de Wolff
  • Online Editor - Steve Murray
  • Graphics - Richard Norley, Russell Hilliard

Additional credits

  • George Peck, King's College School, Wimbledon
  • The Brighton Bottle Orchestra
  • The Irene Hayes School of Dance
  • The Sea Cadet Association

DVD credits

  • Producer - Adam Tandy
  • Production Co-ordinator - Cathy McLoughlin
  • Offline Editor - James Cooper
  • Commentary Recording - Luca Buttari
  • Dubbing Editor - Graeme Stoten
  • Post-production - Framestore CFC
  • Graphic Design - Adam Parry
  • Graphic Artists - Sharon Lock, Ben Cronin
  • Encoding and Authoring - Stuart Gilbert
  • Producer - Simon Whalley


  • Knowing Me, Knowing Yule was broadcast on the same day as TV short Alan Partridge's Country Ramble. It is likely that the latter was a deleted scene from "Christmas in Norwich with Alan Partridge".