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Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge, or Knowing Me, Knowing You (sometimes abbreviated to KMKYWAP and occasionally referred to as The Alan Partridge Show), is a spoof chat show hosted by Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge. It was a TV adaptation of the radio series of the same name.


"Aiming to 'quite literally put the chat amongst the pigeons', Alan took on prime time TV - and lost, badly. As chat show host he is brash, cheesy and uncompromisingly narrow-minded. Forced into crude clown groups, risque men's dance troupes and fashion designers, he is obnoxious and downright rude. As only Partridge can, he humiliates, infuriates, assaults and even kills his guests - but as always, ends his show like a true professional... 'On that bombshell...'" (BBC Studios)


Knowing Me, Knowing You followed a standard chat show format, where guests (see list) were invited onto the programme to discuss their life and work with the host. Each show typically had four main guests, as well as some kind of live performance or event. Show 4 was ostensibly set in Paris. Episodes began with Partridge shouting "A-ha!" and cracking a couple of jokes, before having a short discussion with musical director Glenn Ponder. This opening segment saw the first use of the greeting "Knowing Me, Alan Partridge, Knowing You[...] A-ha" which was used religiously throughout the series. Other segments included "Alan's Big Pocket" (relegated to show 3 only), and "Another Alan Partridge", where someone who shared Alan's name was invited onto the programme. A one-off hustings for the West Chalfont by-election in show 5 was titled "Partridge Over Britian".

Alan Partridge Tie and Blazer Badge Combination Pack

Guests on the show were gifted Alan Partridge Tie and Blazer Badge Combination Packs and, in show 6, Alan Partridge masks. These products did not prove particularly popular with guests.

The set of Knowing Me, Knowing You was deisgned to mimic a "top international hotel". A chair, sofa and table were positioned centre-stage, behind which could be found various pieces of set dressing including a fountain, foliage, and a hot tub. The set had two entrances, one for the host (underneath a stage for Ponder and the house band), and one for the guests. There was one additional room, off stage right, which appeared only in show 1.


# First brooadcast
1 16th September 1994
2 23rd September 1994
3 30th September 1994
4 7th October 1994
5 14th October 1994
6 21st October 1994



Main cast

Guest cast

Minor roles (in order of appearance)

  • Sam Hunt - Sam Cavalli-Green
  • Keyboardist (Shona's band), Cirque des Clunes act - Sarah C. Cameron
  • Bass guitarist (Shona's band) - Shend
  • Drummer (Shona's band) - Kate Stubbs
  • Tony's wife - Michelle Collins
  • Hot Pants - Venol (choreographer), Richard Allen, Kelly Rahman, Nick Musca
  • Cirque des Clunes act - Ben Moor
  • Models - Newman, Matt Green, Tor Forsse
  • Terry Norton (reconstruction) - Bill Stewart
  • Miss Norwich contestants - Justine King, Vanessa Upton, Cheryl Dempsey, Dorelli
  • David Harrison - Carl Forgione
  • Bald Brummies - Garry Roost, Damian Walkin, Stephen Donaghy, Peter Leafe
  • Dancers - Jo Robley Dixon (choreographer), Michelle Everett, Charlotte Andrew, Donna Ross, Alicia Ryan, Samantha Lewis, Lene Langgaard, Amanda Brooking, Susan Acteson
  • Floor Manager - Sarah Wynter
  • Doctor - Peter Oxley
  • Producer - Tony Haase


  • Written by - Patrick Marber and Steve Coogan, with Armando Iannucci (additional material by the cast)
  • Producer - Armando Iannucci
  • Director - Dominic Brigstocke
  • Executive Producer - Peter Fincham
  • Head of Production - Sally Debonnaire
  • Production Manager - Alison MacPhail
  • Production Assistant - Pamela Wylde
  • Trainee Production Assistant - Kendall Anderson
  • Production Co-ordinator - Samantha Taylor
  • Casting Director - Susie Gautier-Smith
  • Production Accountant - Penny Anderson
  • Script Secretary - Arabella McGuigan
  • Production Runner - Naomi Ellwood
  • Resource Co-ordinators - Patrick Steele, Phil Dean
  • Planning Co-ordinator - Clare Owen
  • Floor Manager - Mike Agnew
  • Stage Manager - Angie Hill
  • Floor Assistants - Helen Beauchamp, Jill Hallowell, Andrew Wiltshire
  • Sound Supervisor - Jem Whippey
  • Deputy Sound Supervisor - Paul Ostwind
  • Sound Crew - Doug Prior, Mark Sanders, Andy Brown, Andy Gimlet
  • Lighting Director - Mike Sutcliffe
  • Scan Operator - Andy Dobbs
  • Senior Production Electricians - Alan Coulter, Bob Anderson
  • Production Electricians - Harry Stevenson, Mark Bourne, Gwillen Roberts, Ian Glennister, Gary Nesbitt, Alan Phillips
  • Vision Control - Mike Le Fevre, Andy Clark, Ian Dobbs
  • Vision Mixers - Naomi Neufeld, Ian Trill
  • VT Play-in - Lee Carson
  • Camera Supervisors - Colin Aiken, John Hoare
  • Cameras - Dave Box, Dave Carter, Pete Evans, Graham Hall, Mark Harvey, Simon Cleobury, Ian Head, Adrian Homeshore, John Longley, Sarah Lee, Andrew Ribero, Duncan Unsworth
  • Portaprompt - Jo Ketteringham, Michaela Fishwick, Sam Tomlinson
  • Designer - Denis DeGroot
  • Assistant Designer - Jo Sutherland
  • Production Buyer - Terry Black
  • Magic Advisor - George Kovari
  • Property Master - Andy Beales
  • Location Standby Props - Dick Lunn
  • Location Standby Carpenter - John Campbell
  • Senior Production Operatives - John Sharp, Fred Oakham
  • Production Operatives - Colin Ellis, Steve Ebanks
  • Special Effects Supervisor - Steve Webster
  • SFX Technicians - Simon Taylor, Rick Jolte, John Hicks
  • Make-up/Hair Design - Lisa Cavalli-Green
  • Make-up Artists - Carlene Gearing, Mandy Furlonger, Lesley Hamon
  • Make-up Assistant - Caroline Barnes
  • Costume Designer - Marcia Stanton
  • Wardrobe Supervisor - Michelle Marsh
  • Dressers - Inca Bayer, Jane Edmonds
  • Location Cameras - Steve Albins, Paul Kirkham
  • Assistant Camera - Toby Eedy
  • Location Sound - Geoff Prince
  • French Location Fixer - Chris Ellis
  • Editor - Mark Lawrence
  • Graphic Design - Richard Norley, Russell Hilliard
  • Additional Editing - John Dunstan, Richard Cook
  • Dubbing Mixer - Tim Alban

House band (Chalet, Debonnaire, Ferrari, Savoir-Fair, Lazarus, Bangkok)

  • Musical Director - Steve Brown
  • Drums - Richard Marcangelo
  • Bass Guitar - Kevin Powell
  • Guitar - Matt Backer
  • Keyboards - Jess Bailey
  • Saxophone - Gary Barnacle, Chris "Snake" Davis
  • Vocals - Mariam Stockley, Linda Taylor
  • Accordionist - Gerant Watkins