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I'm Alan Partridge is a TV sitcom starring Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge.


"After a couple of years of being clinically fed-up, Alan has "bounced back". He's got the third best slot on Radio Norwich, a military-based quiz on cable TV called Skirmish, a 33 year-old girlfriend called Sonja, an autobiography (Bouncing Back) and is only living in a caravan until his new house is finished." (BBC Studios)


# Title First broadcast
1 The Talented Mr Alan 11th November 2002
2 The Colour of Alan 18th November 2002
3 Brave Alan 25th November 2002
4 Never Say Alan Again 2nd December 2002
5 I Know What Alan Did Last Summer 9th December 2002
6 Alan Wide Shut 16th December 2002