Gordon Heron was a golf coach and former professional golfer who appeared as a guest on Knowing Me, Knowing Yule with his wife, Liz.


Heron was a talented sportsman who competed on a national level. He was a somewhat of a ladies man, and was known to some as "Randy Gordon". In November 1993, he was struck by lightning on the 18th hole of the Colgate Cup and was paralysed from the waist down.

Instead of retiring from the sport completely, Gordon decided to switch roles with his (then) caddy Liz, and became her golf coach and caddy. Liz went on the win the Colgate Cup in 1995. At some point, the pair got married, and they appeared on Knowing Me, Knowing Yule to announce Liz Herron's pregnancy. Gordon was punched in the face with a stuffed chicken by Partridge later in the programme.

Personal life

Liz Heron called Gordon "Chairman Mao" because he was in a wheelchair. His wife's personality occasionally got on Gordon's nerves; when asked by Partridge if he ever "gets out", he replied "when I can". As a hobby, Heron enjoyed making fantasy maps in his head.

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