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Glenn Ponder was the lead musician on Knowing Me, Knowing You.


A former jazz synthesizer musician in Norwich and Ipswich wine bars, Glenn was given his big break on Knowing Me, Knowing You by Alan Partridge, as he was put in charge of the show's house band. Every week, Ponder's band appeared to change, or at least change its name: the bands were introduced as Chalet, Debonair, Ferrari, Bangkok, Savoir Faire, and Lazarus. At the end of the chat show's fourth episode, supposedly filmed in Paris, Ponder is fired for partying with the crew the night before and deliberately not inviting Partridge. However, Ponder returns in the next episode, as Alan accepts uncomfortably that he must remain while the dismissal is examined in an industrial tribunal. Later, Glenn chose to drop his legal action and kept his job until the end of the series. Ponder returned for Christmas special Knowing Me, Knowing You, minus a house band.

Personal life

Glenn had a boyfriend, Andy, at the time of Knowing Me, Knowing You.


  • In one episode of Knowing Me, Knowing You, it is revealed by a guest that Glenn's name is an anagram of "Porn Legend" (although the anagram only works if "Glen" is spelt with one 'n')