Dave Clifton is a Radio Norwich DJ. In 1997, his programme began at the end of Alan's "graveyard slot" show, and therefore had far more listeners, a fact which clearly perturbed Alan. By 2002 however, Alan had seized a better slot than Dave, handing over to him at 1 am. Like Alan, Dave has a conceited and arrogant personality (but is generally more approachable and less antagonistic than Alan).

During the handovers, Alan always engaged in witty banter with Dave, but their chatting failed to disguise the bitter rivalry between them, and was only thinly veiled by their jocular chit-chat and insults. Who got the better of whom alternated, but Alan once memorably won their daily battle of one-upmanship by swearing on what was technically Dave's show. Dave is an alcoholic, a trait Alan is keen to ridicule, and has a driving ban. Much to Alan's surprise and chagrin, Dave is a friend of Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley, with whom he shares an interest in archery. Dave speaks with what Alan describes as a "mid-Atlantic" accent, pronouncing his "T"s as "D"s, another habit which Alan ridicules.