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Alan Partridge is a character and comedy icon portrayed by Steve Coogan. From On the Hour to From the Oasthouse, this is the collaborative encyclopedia for all things Partridge. We are currently maintaining 353 articles and 248 files.


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JustWilhelm JustWilhelm 19 July 2020

Join the Discord

I've set up a Discord server for the wiki over at https://discord.gg/qVEhmm . Please feel free to join.

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JustWilhelm JustWilhelm 1 June 2020


I'm hoping to adopt this wiki. The current and only admin, "Tg", last edited the wiki in July 2008 (see here). Since then, the wiki has moved on, and there are elements of it that are somewhat outdated that we can't change without new leadership. Le…

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